10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

Health Mannequin Jessica Soares is displaying you a fantastic Residence Abdomen Exercise that you are able to do in about Ten Minutes. Do it daily for horny abs and a powerful core.
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Instagram: BikiniModelFitness1

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  1. Just my opinion as a straight female. I have been subscribed to this page for a MINUTE. My only concern is that the thumbnails and the videos all I see is butt butt and moreee butt. I would love to see 50-75% body covered up. I am in no way shape or form jealous of your curves.Nor am I disappointed with my appearance, it just makes me feel uncomfortable watching another female exercising half naked…. lol

  2. No way I was keeping up with her during the mountain climbers. I don’t think I did them that fast when I was in the military.

  3. These workouts is very hard and she makes it look so easy, and she hardly breathes. Or am i that bad? 🙂

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