#2 Ohio State vs. Indiana | Week 1 2017 College Football Highlights

#2 Ohio Condition vs. Indiana university football highlights, take pleasure in!

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  1. I was scared shitless there for a half…..gotta start fast next week. Wide receivers need to be crisp and CATCH THEM PASSES and our secondary need to get their heads turned around and play the Ball not the recievers. That O line is MUCH improved and that D line and LB’s are looking like our Silver Bullets of old!! Game one in the books and lots of learning and improving to do but I WILL TAKE IT!!! GO BUCKS!! O-H!!!!

  2. Are we looking at the “New” Ezekiel Elliott?
    2:35 3:50 4:17 Beautiful jump cuts like Zeke, lets see if he can learn the art of blocking like Zeke. O.H.I.O…

  3. Jk dobbins should definitely be the starting running back. I really liked how Campbell Jr bounced back from that early drop too

  4. Ohio State you better pull it together if you guys want another successful season. Please for my sake and your state give us some good football. We aren’t getting any at the NFL level.

  5. Ohio state was slow 1st half but look how the d line wore them down. As long as we dont go down huge at half, i see us winning all games. Its only one game, but i know we will be a 2nd half team.

  6. Good first test, going into a hostile environment, having things not go your way (tip passes for completions), dropped 3rd, game Indiana qb in the first half. All to keep fighting, and eventually pull away, hopefully all the jitters are gone!

  7. You guys must be bandwagon fans if u think jt is not good dumb smh look at the stats in 2014 and look at the wr he had look at these we know have no separation at anyplay

  8. Ohio State has always been a good second half team. That’s why I didn’t get too nervous at the beginning, but I still was scared lol.

  9. Wow as a buckeye fan I felt like ohio state was going to lose there first game but it’s there first game they will do better than this game for sure GO BUCKS

  10. even though OSU should have won by another score or 2 with the Campbell drop and settling for field goals, there’s a few playmakers with great speed that will be dangerous every week. But for real tho, hats off to that IU quarterback Lagow. He looked like he is going to be playing on Sundays next year dropping dime passes all game, only reason why IU was able to move the ball was because of where he put it and how quickly he could get it ou. That was impressive.

  11. O line played great last night. Especially on that touchdown pass to Dixon. They gave JT a pocket to patiently wait for the receivers to finish their routes. Nice job, slobs. JK Dobbins is a future star in the making. And the front 7 dominated all night.

    Corners played pretty good coverage, just need to get their heads around and play the ball, not the receiver. And the receivers NEED to get separation quicker while JT NEEDS to be more accurate and decisive.

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Ohio State at Indiana – Football Highlights

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