Belly, Butt and Thigh Workout

See the latest episode associated with Natalie Jill' h Core Fitness, the killer Belly, Rear end and Thigh exercise, and make certain to creates the comment letting all of us know what you believe of the movie, and exactly what workouts a person want to observe next!

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  1. Totally, totally LOVE this workout… So far is THE BEST workout for my butt, inner thigh and my belly… Besides, Jill, you are beautiful. I have workout most of my life (I am over 55) but this year, has been an eventfull year and I have neglected my workout. Here goes -possibly- the most asked question. How often do I have to do the workout? every day? 5 times a week?
    every day is better? Thank you again !! I HOPE I can see results SOON. All the best!!

  2. I am still here with YOU, Natalie !!! What a great workout~~~ I am over 60 (very fit though) and the only part of my body that makes me . . . hummm unhappy are my inner thights. Do adding weights would work faster? Thank you and keep on looking BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. my main problem with exercising is that i don’t know how to breathe properly! I don’t know at which point in the exercise should I be breathing in or out. help please.

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