Cheek Lift Exercise to Lift Sagging Cheeks No Face Lift Surgery | FACEROBICS®

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Cheek Raise Exercise to Raise Sagging Cheeks Simply no Facelift Surgery | FACEROBICS®

Hi Everybody, this can be a great encounter exercise for loose cheeks and exactly how to tone the entire cheek area. It is a facial exercise that you will require simply no facelift or surgical procedure. Make use of this exercise within place of the particular Cheek Lifter & Cheek Plumper……

Content Toning!

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  1. I practiced this for weeks, watching video over and over, looking in the long as I could do this watching in the was fine, since you need to lie down…I could never keep my lips in the right form…so finally had to ditch this one…
    certainly not for the lack of trying…lol

  2. I noticed in your before picture that your face was red on the cheeks and now your face is totally clear. How did you eliminate that redness? was it the cold laser use or just what. Please share!
    Rita Peters

  3. Hi Peta, when we last did a skype session you gave me these instructions as for series two you didn’t want me to do the first exericse but this one instead : “No Video as yet – place the tips of your fingers on your forehead. Making sure that the tips of the fingers are in line with the middle of your brow. Hold the fingers up, using only your fingertips, and press firmly. Lift your brow only. Your fingers should not be moving, as they are isolating the middle section of the frontalis muscle. The muscles that should be moving are the outside portion of the frontalis and your temple muscles slightly. Squeeze these muscles as you lift your brow. (i should have a video soon) ”

    So just wondering if you could give me the link for the video for this alternative exercise. THank you so much,

  4. Sorry Petra, still need to clarify lip motion. So the actual repetitious action s is to strongly roll the lips in each time or is it to roll in , stay there and try with each repetition to purse out OR is it all :pursuing: action going inward. I think it might help if you show what you are doing with your lips with your mouth open so we can see clearly the action.

  5. You are awesome and teaching and to watch. I am going to start these and I must say your face is flawless. It takes a lot to impress me and you have done it. Many thx xo

  6. Hi Peta, I just loooooove your exercises!! I am now moving on Series 2, and I’ve already seen a great difference, so thank youuuuuu…!!
    But I’m not sure what you mean by you do the cheek exercise a lot. Do you mean that you do it outside of your normal routine? Thanks, Eva

    • this is an older video, i was practicing and experimenting with it for the eawm series

    • Is still ok to do it as part of the Series 2? I think I might create my own routine at some point (maybe round 2 of series 2) when I feel more confident, but for now I am following your eawm routine exactly as you have published them. Thank you for all your work. I so appreciate it <3

  7. after the exercise I got up and I felt that my entire check area had been worked. Im very impressed. TY Peta

  8. I am back on series 2 after completing the series 1. I have done the whole series a few times before. But I might have asked you this before there are 6 exercises in series 2. Is that okay?

    • FACEROBICS® – Your Face Exercise Coach
      Thank you Peta
      i need to take time to join your gym, i am a bit dumb with doing things online.

  9. I am more comfortable doing the excersizes while sitting. Can I do the other excersizes in this series while sitting and then lay down for the check toner only?
    I will be doing them all straight after eachother in the order that you suggest.

  10. Hi Peta, thank you for your wonderful videos, exercises, and your spiritual commitment. A quick question about this exercise, I have trouble doing it without wrinkling under my eyes, unless I move what feels like very little in my cheeks.  Should I just start with a very small movement ?

  11. Hello Peta, I want to thank you for the knowledge you share with us and to ask a few questions that may also help someone else:
    1. While I was doing series 2 exercises, or I did not press my lips properly or it was too strong, the muscle above the corner of the lips became conspicuous and more visible even when I don’t talk. Then I stopped with that series, and the muscle remained conspicuous. Is there a way to “relax” this muscle and return it to the original shape?
    2. Do the series have to be worked in order, or can we only do some series?
    3. I am from a country where you do not deliver your device, so can you please recommend another method for skin tightening and rejuvenation?
    Thanks again, I truly love, support and appreciate your work.

    • Hi Jane, thanks for your comment. Yes the series need to be worked in order. All of the EAWM are designed to be built on the next so if it were me, I would follow the program as its taught. If you create problems on your face you just have to wait to see if it returns to normal. I have no way of “making” the face go back to its original shape, you understand that its something that I or you have no control over. This is why you need to follow the exercises and program exactly. I cannot offer any information on other devices I am sorry as I have my own and do not advertise other devices. I am sure you understand? Thanks so much for your support, I would suggest that you just try to follow the program as I have taught it, and also, when you do the exercises watch yourself in the mirror to make sure you are doing them correctly. Even I fall into bad habits and need to check myself at times. I hope that helps.

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