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cyber bully (Full movie)

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  1. Why would her own friends did that to her. U should never trust anyone πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. I feel like people get bullied because of their differences. I have my own personal experience of this but it’s kind of like sexual harassment , I have been touched by boys , for their personal gain , and they took my purse and got my personal things and showed everyone . But I stood up and now I feel great and ready to go to high school in 2 weeks .

  3. I am bullied to this one girl we’ll call her may and she literally destroys my life every time she bullies me. That is why I try to ignore it. But sometimes she gets the best if me. And I really have been nice to her at times and not one thank you. And this movie I really relate to. I have never been bullied to this extent before. If you are being bullied out there just know that u will be okay. It will be just fine. Don’t consider suicide. Suicide is never the answer. Whoever you are I am sure you are lovely and be strong.

    • Hangin’ With Hannah fr for me i felt like killing my self only becuase this boy damar Jackson said go to hell and he said god and the devil dont want u and i told the lunch aid but she didnt do anything

    • Hangin’ With Hannah a few years ago I attempted suicide but then I realized that even if I kill myself it may end the pain for me but cause so much more pain for the people we love

  4. The “gay boy” you punched in the hall today. Committed suicide a few minutes ago. The girl you called a slut in class
    today. She’s a virgin. The boy you called lame. He has to work every night to support his family. That girl you pushed down the
    other day. She’s already being abused at home. That girl you called fat. She’s starving herself. The old man you made fun of cause of the ugly scars.He fought for our country. The boy you made fun of for crying. His mother is dying. You think you freaking
    know them.

    • Denae Desjarlais u dumb asf lol. Anyone can use that poem it’s not even Jacobs. And it’s public so anyone can use it tf

    • You can trust me. I’m sure a lot of other people as well. So many people have experienced what you are feeling, myself included. It’s draining. But if you just allow yourself to vent, and shut out all those horrible, negative people, you’ll be surprised at how much happiness is out there for you. You seem great, so please, keep venting!! I took a lot of courage to express such personal feelings. Take care, let me know if you think things are getting better with your family. Whatever the status, just don’t shut them out. Give ’em a chance ( or 2) !

  5. I’m gonna tell you my story,I was bullied ,my whole life and one day they pushed it and I cried and I told my mom and she said she will tell the principal and call people for me, but I said no plz don’t it will make it worse and it would of, so I just tried to ignore them and they followed and nagged and always would try to get me to break and I did πŸ˜” so I wanted to kill myself and I didnt I thought if i did en people would miss me so I didn’t and I just cried every night and all they said was your ugly your stupid your fat and then the school year was over and they cyber bullied me online I hated it and then someone passed away and I still got bullied so I cried even more now I’m scared to go to 5th grade and I keep telling myself don’t go I can’t go I don’t wanna go and my mom said “it’s ok and u have to they can put me in jail if you don’t “and I said I love you mom so I will but I don’t wanna so if your being bullied your not alone and u don’t have to go through it alone every bully has been bullied them self and they think if they bully u it’s cause they think they are felling better by hurting someone else cause it gives them power but it doesn’t it just gives them a name about them and bullies are too busy bulling they don’t do school work so not all bully’s but most bully’s are dumb and stupid but I got through it all and I learned I’m not alone but I’m not and I have a “friend” like taylors whenever I got bullied in front of her she would league with them but when they left she would always say “ugh they are so mean” and I said “your not a friend your just a dumb bully and your stupid and we’re not friends so everyone like I said already your not alone plz get help don’t be me and still get bullied cause u think it will get worse if u tell it might help

    • Dannica’s World it’s very hard to share your story like that and you were very brave. Especially if your going into 5th grade. All I can say is, good luck.

    • Ashxlii Don’t hate yourself. God made you just the way your supposed to be. He also has a purpose for you. God does not make mistakes. You might not understand why your having to go down the path God has for you but with the Love of God you will make it through. You are not alone. I love you and Jesus Loves you to. You are in my prayers.

    • Knesha Walker .. Thank you. I’ve recently been getting better. I haven’t gotten into any depression ever since school started. Thank you for the support you gave me. I’ll understand why God made my path that way. Thank you. 😊

  6. I started cutting my self when people were saying stuff about me. I tried kill myself but I stopped when some one loved me and I his love was fake love. Soo I did it again and I went to 8th grade and most of the bad people were gone but some stand and never talked to me. And people now like three people call me bad things so I didn’t listen to them. Sooo if your getting bullied stop and don’t kill yourself. Because kill you self is another way to hate your self. Stop cyber bullying.

    • I was on a video and it told me but I think it not true at all but I got a custume like a mermaid and maybe I’m a mermaid bucse it true I think I don’t no at all but the fhoto it my mom but I’m eight and a half ok

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