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Dirty Teacher 2013 || Lifetime Movies 2017 || Best Based on a True Story Full Movie

Dirty Teacher 2013 || Lifetime Films 2017 || Greatest Depending on a Correct Story Full Film

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  1. TOTALLY inappropriate clothing for a teacher! Whats up with a school who allows her to wear cleavage baring tops? Sick Principal also!

  2. Flawed Logic: parents can’t afford a cellphone but can afford a car? Get rid of the car, get her a cellphone and let her ride the bus!

  3. Who is watching this in 2017πŸ€” btw the teacher is fucking creepy af and she looks like fiona from shrek πŸ˜‚πŸ™ƒ

  4. the teacher is def creepy but it’s pretty mean how many people are just making fun of the woman’s appearance

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