Easy Face Exercises Natural Face Lift – Video 4 Nose Lifts

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Video four – How in order to perform Nose Elevates to Straighten or even Shorten your Nasal area

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    • you will need to keep doing them every day, and if you start on 50 reps and build up to 100 a day you should see changes in around a month.  And if you keep going with all of the exercises you will see fabulous results.  Good luck with it!!!

    • Hi Vanity, yes, it means that, but originate the movement from the muscles either side of your nose.  Hope that is clear enough, lol!

    • +zeena sindi Hi Zeena, firstly thank you for asking the question.  I am only pushing down as far so I can still breathe, and I am holding the end of my nose in the second one so I can still breathe slightly.  I hope that helps and Merry Christmast!

    • +FACEROBICS® – Aerobics for the Face! RENEW ME® TV  Thank you so much, hope this works for me! I’m very insecure about my nose & Merry Christmas to you too!!

    • +zeena sindi no problems Zeena, just start off gently and see what happens, your nose tends to reshape very quickly.  Also, have a look at the video I made on Principle 3 – Activate the Mind-Body Connection here –, you might find it helpful to reshape your nose, by using the principles in this video!   Good luck and stay in contact! Remember, gently gently!! ok!

  1. Hi. A shorter and fuller nose is just what I’m looking for so thanks for this video, as most of what you find is things on making your nose thinner, which is the last thing I want as mine is already very narrow. 

    I have been told by some plastic surgeons (as well as seen a few before and after photos) that sometimes this tends to show too much nostril resulting in that “pig-nosed” look.

    How can I prevent this and still get the results I want? Any suggestions?

    • +Old Skool645 Hi OldSkool, love the name, thats me too!!! lol!!! If you do the exercise gently, and do not overwork the nose, you can have a very nice shape. You have to be careful when exercising it, so, start off gently, and when you get to the point that you like the shape, just exercise it 2 times a week. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi sweetie, love your videos ,,especially with your pet sounds in the back the cat and the you have a nose exercise to thin my nose ..xoxo L J

  3. i m a recent fan of yours..u are doing a wonderful job peta..god bless u…iwanted to ask whether i could incorporate other excercises like nasophobial into my daily routine too…and also i need to change the excersies given in the daily routine

    • +Het Dholakia – hi Het, if you go to my playlist, you will see a couple of routines that I have done for everyone to Exercise Along With Me.

  4. I have an oblong face and I want an oval. could exercise help achieve this goal. what do you suggest ??

    • +Renaissance Sunshine – Hi Rennaissance, I would suggest you subscribe to the channel if you havent already, that way you will get important updates about face exercise. You cannot change the shape of your skeletal features. Face exercise tones the muscles

  5. Hy. Thanks for the video? Will this actually work for a 20 year old girl? My nose is a bit long, how soon will I see results if I keep doing this?
    Thank you:)

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