Everyday Face Lifting Massage (+1 Exercise) Eye Wrinkles Focus

With this video I' lmost all show you an additional proposition of our everyday face therapeutic massage – this period with the concentrate on delicate eye region where first facial lines like to show up.

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Grin wrinkles / Nasolabial Folds:
Get it done whilst you watch this:

Eye wrinkles:
Perform it when you view it:

Forehead facial lines:
Do it when you watch it:

Fast Every Day Encounter Massage therapy

Massage + Exercise inspirations amongst others:
– Tanaka Massage:
– Azjatycki Cukier YouTube Route:
– " The particular Japanese Skincare Revolution" – Chizu Saeki

Music: " Blessed "

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  1. I started your every day face massage and on the 2nd day I saw my laugh lines diminish visibly! I’m only 26 and I had started getting laugh lines and got so worried. Thanks a ton for sharing these massages.

  2. I like your music for these uploads, really cute theme. Do you have a routine that includes the Smile wrinkles / Nasolabial Folds + Eye/Forehead wrinkles? I saw you’re Full Face Massage. . . would that accomplish it? Right now I’m doing the routine for Nasolabial Folds. . . me and my sisters all inherited fat cheeks from our Czech mother! When we all hit 40, we all started to get the deep lines from our nose to edge of our lips. Great videos and so helpful!

    • bauhaus I know exactly what you mean about the deep nasolabial folds , the same thing runs in my family but thanks to the massage it all can be delayed and even reversed 😉 this very massage in this video targets all the places you’ve mentioned – forehead, eyes, nasolabial folds. If the last one is your main area of focus you can add to the massage from this video some more moves from nasolabial folds video and that should sort you out 😉 thanks for visiting and leaving a comment 💙

    • Question, when you are doing the pressure/isolation part with your fingers, are you underneath your cheekbone or on top of it? Does it even matter?

  3. Hi olkatoja, ur videos r always good. Please give direction also while massaging.. As some points u r pressing r not being understood

    • Hi Bob, great majority of moves I’ve shown I’ve explained in the previous videos hence I skipped explaining it. I link the other massage videos in the description box. Which move in particular do you have in mind?

  4. Hi Olga, this is Snigdhaa from India. I absolutely love your videos, perhaps one of the best face massage videos I have ever seen, and they look even better because you are so pretty yourself. I have a small request, it would really be nice if you could help me here. I am on the routine of losing weight right now, and that’s one reason why my face skin has become loose, especially on the cheeks near the nose. Can you please let me know which exercises and face massage I should do to get rid of those lines and tighten my entire face skin besides having a structured and fat less face? Your videos are amazing but I am actually confused which ones I should follow from my purpose….it would really really be great if you could help me, waiting for your reply…best wishes always 🙂

  5. hey just for an opinion why u don’t colour ur hair dark chocolatey brown this will inhance ur youth….I’m only giving my opinion.

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