Legs & Butt Workout At Home – 10 min Fitness Routine 80-130 CALORIES

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  1. Okay guys so I’ve been doing this workout for one month now. Just this video because i have a naturally slim body but i just wanted to increase my butt size without getting large thighs and it works!! My butt has grown a full 5cm and is now toned and tight. I also noticed that my thighs have shrunk a bit and i have a more defined thigh gap. I did this workout 6 times a week taking a rest day on Sunday. The first week was extremely difficult and i had to take breaks in between every 2 exercises to catch my breath but now its a breeze. All you need is motivation and the video will workout for you!

    • I’m 40 kg, I eat some pills in a yellow bottle, the pills are also yellow, fish pills. I don’t remember the brand, anywho I’m trying to grow a bigger butt since most of my classmates have already grown curvy, and I was wondering if this is a good exercise, I’m 14, 40 kg, born on 2002, height is 160. I’m planning on a new food diet, what do you think I should eat? I ate one ice cream, one milkshake and a salad, and indomie. I usually eat random stuff and never eat a full meal.

  2. Gym Ra, please leave me answer. I have normal size booty and I want just lift. Can this workout help me? I don’t wannt bigger or smaller booty. Thank you for this good workout!

    • Hi! Lifting will definitely happen! Some trimming may occur too, but overall this is a workout to tone, round out, and lift your booty, which sounds like what you are looking for! You don’t have to worry about getting bigger either since there are no weights involved here. Thanks for working out with us!

    • GymRa I want my skin to be lighter can you help me make my my skin lighter should start eating healthier I’m feeling sad

  3. I’m using the resistant bands as support while folowing along these lunges are challenging, I like.💪👍

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