Lower Face Lift Exercises

http:// Dr Peaceful Lim is an Aussie Cosmetic and Complementary DOCTOR who specialises in organic rejuvenation. She actually is a TELEVISION presenter and Media Character and enjoys sharing the girl knowledge. Click like upon to be notified associated with Dr Serene’s upcoming video clips on facelift exercises/facial massage/ facial acupressure/ beauty tips/ back pain relief.

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  1. Hi Dr Serene. Do you know of any exercises for the marionette lines that go downward from the
    Sides of the mouth?

  2. Dr. I really like ur vedios. Especially the way u explain abt muscle work. Being an occupational therapist I really appreciate your vedios n facial work out. Loved it.. Thank u for unloading such needful vedios..

    • My pleasure! Have a look at my video on understanding MTHFR – I’m doing a lot of work on genetics and having the right nutrients can improve health and skin/ beauty…..

  3. Wow, thanks. I’ve already started the acupuncture around my nasolabial area, so I’m gonna add these exercises too. This is great for those like me, who can’t even entertain the thought of a facelift or injections let alone actually pay for them. I certainly can’t .New subscriber here 🙂

  4. muy buena doctora , Soy de Neuquén Argentina ,podría hacer los vídeos traducidos en español ?
    muchas gracias 😍

  5. I had a full, round face when I was younger even though Im thin. But now my cheeks have dropped and I look sad. I hope these exercises will work for me.

  6. Thanks sweetheart, very informative video and the way u were explaining. …brilliant. …really appreciated 😊

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