Natural 5 Minute Face Lift

Learn exactly how simple acupressure strategies can dramatically restore the face area and provide you a brand new sense of youngsters.

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  1. Absolutely refreshing!
    Feel totally relaxed .. calming
    This exercise is a definite daily routine for me… I could do this all day long throughout the day

  2. Hi Emma, I’ve been doing this massage along with Zougan massage right after for 4 weeks now, in total about ten minutes every day, and it is amazing, I’m seeing the results clearly. My nasolabial lines are disappearing… and my face is lifting. It’s really good!!!! Thank you so much for your videos. These techniques are so simple and effective 🙂

  3. I am wondering how this doesn’t pull the skin looser, thus increasing sagging ?? I love the idea of this, and have done it for 2 days , but am not wanting to increase the sagging in my lower face area.

  4. so didn’t you know whitout oil it is bad to massage your face and you’ll have more wrinkles. massge any part with oil make movement better and great achievement look younger

    • YOU Can Use A Light Serum or moisturizer or plain ole coconut oil even. Really increases the benefits of both!

  5. Emmajean, I have a question. When you move your thumb from the bottom of the neck to the top of the neck do you do this on both sides? Also when we move our thumb on the fountain of youth do you do this on both sides also?

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