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New Sci Fi Action Movies 2017 Full Movie English – Hollywood Movies 2017 Full Length

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  1. It says that this movie is the plante of the apes but it’s not wow that’s not cool at all. Fucken with people to watch the wrong movie now how fucked up is this. Makes you think how come utube is doing this bullshit.

    • jay thovin you should educate yourself to use better language. Actually that goes for a lot of you haters that made crude comments. Using foul language is a sign of ignorance. And further more disagreeing with someone is okay but commenting in the manner in which some of you did isnt the proper way to voice your opinion. All you do is make yourselves sound like morons.

    • Darla, the use of foul language shows a lack of manners not intelligence. And if you do not like how someone posts, then move along. It is all to easy to find something else to do rather then sit and troll the trolls.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of comments on people getting upset that the movie is not the one they thought it would be. Well, there is a reason they do this. If they put what it really is then, they tread on copyrights and the movies get pulled off of YouTube … Hence, no movies to watch! They are only doing what they can to get us some free movies to entertain us. As long as it’s a halfway decent movie and the sound is up to hear it is the main thing. It’s Free! Be a little great full, ok!?! Peace Out!

    • Sandra Mullikiin I get it. but psychologically, it still bugs the hell out of me lol. can’t really pin it but I guess I don’t like being deceived. it’s petty, and I generally don’t complain about it. but a lot of folks do.

    • Well that was just a tad condescending Miss Sandra sound like you are a typical Millennial …Narcissistic without any sense of respect or tact..sorry for you that you must go thru this life like that ..I know of no way to make you right good luck wit it ..

      X generationer

    • Sandra Mullikiin I understand that but it’s still false advertising lol 😏 Ugh! I was lkg forward to seeing the Ape movie.. LoL 😂😂 🍳 one my face 👩

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  3. If you want Dawn of the planet of the apes movie download showbox in chrome and download the Dawn of the planet of the apes search it

  4. itis a good movie thanks for the uploader
    I had nothing to do and now Iam enjoying a free movie
    why are you guys complaining like you paid the money it’s free you idiot watch or take your ugly Assto ,theater

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