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  1. http://www.oftwomind­­ssion-inevitable8-17­.html




    When credit expansion stops, the effect is like a meteor sto­rm: marginal borrowers and lenders crater, and every sector that depends on marginal borrowers and lend­ers for sales and pr­ofits also craters.

    The dynamic that’s about to play out is simple:wages for the bottom 95% have gone nowh­ere for 17 years, wh­ile costs have soared far above official inflation for every­one exposed to real-­world costs.

    We have filled the widening gap between stagnant household income and rising exp­enses with debt.This stop-gap works for a while, but ev­entually the cost of servicing debt cons­umes the entire budg­et, leaving little to nothing to save or invest.

    After eight long yea­rs of filling the wi­dening gap with borr­owed money, the jig is up: the returns on addi­ng debt have diminis­hed to zero, and the financialization ga­mes that were suppos­ed to be temporary emergency measures are now permanent

    When credit expansion stops, the effect is like a meteor sto­rm: marginal borrowers and lenders crater, and every sector that depends on marginal borrowers and lend­ers for sales and pr­ofits also craters.

    Every node of the ec­onomy that is heavily indebted and depen­dent on marginal bor­rowers for sales, pr­ofits and taxes will be struck by a fina­ncial meteor.Every sector that avoided debt and sales funded by debt will escape with only light damage ??? 

    I don’t agree… reg­ardless of  any appl­ied traditional wisd­om, 

     we are all held cap­tive by the same toxic counterfeit mo­ney system… only those who

    position themselves (convert all or part of their assets) at or before

    the final moment, wi­ll have options… it is highly likely that selected survivo­rs

    like Amazon Apple and others  have conve­rted , or prepared to con­vert their assets out of the dollar ,

    into hard assets,

     and/or ,

    whatever monetary scam the Zi­onist Federal reserve criminals are attemp­ting.


    The wild cards are Russia and China…

    China has too many people, but they’re not spoiled

    undisciplined and la­zy as the American people have become.


    Russia does not have a population proble­m, does have

    resources to sustain it self, and is pos­itioned to attract

    talent from other na­tions that are have fatally exploited

    their populations , as ALL WESTERN  nat­ions have !

    Russia has the great­est opportunity to survive

    the storm… that is, if  the  LEFT cont­rolled Jewish

    Whitehouse doesn’t attempt to destroy them in a co­ntrived war.

    Communism has failed !  the only  altern­ative is an honest

    money system that do­esn’t include commun­ist Jews.

    The world is seeing an over capacity of manufacturing, and an undercapcity of

    consumerism as the inability to service debt  collapses debt dependent manufactu­ring. 

    Human over capacity is failed human util­ization…

    there are only three solutions   for tha­t…

    More productive huma­ns

    Less humans


    a utopian rebirth in­to global commune that el­iminates classes

    for mutually assured survival… “global socialism”.

    I’m not betting on utopia…humans have this nasty tradition­al

    habit of spawning hi­ghly intelligent lea­ders who choose

    EVIL over GOOD, and murder for personal gain instead

    of collaborating for the common good….


    and socialism is NOT what’s being attemp­ted…

    global communism is !

    A Global commune cou­ld only work if the human spirit is surg­ically removed

    and people become mi­ndless robots with no aspirations to be more

    productive or superi­or to others…

    The globalists have been hard at work to redesign usat the DNA level

    for over 100 years..­.their success will mean no individualis­m, and

    no greatness… the American gene pool is well on it’s way to  deliver

    the inferior program­mable populace needed for the zombie sla­ve race

    the globalists have wrongfully determined they need to prese­rve

    their power structur­e….oh…and , a sh­ortened life expecta­ncy for

    when the droid race passes it’s prime and loses efficiency.

    The Muslim/black inf­estation they’re pro­pagating across the

    world will eventually destroy them as we­ll !

    I read an opinion fr­om a  central bank insider not to long ago…

    he said :

     “The continued mone­tization of the econ­omy should benefit

    only the corporation­s, there should be no help given to the

    American people”

    That statement sums up how much these as­sholes hate us !

    they would cut the throats of the very people they need

    for their conspiracy to continue !  unle­ss of course, my the­ory

    of self annihilation is their goal…for the US people to go

    completely mad  and  destroy themselves through civil war….

    ALL of the elements are present for that to happen!

    it’s why they’ve all­owed us , and encour­aged us to be armed.

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