Should He Have To Pay? U.S. Guardsman Charged $200 For Checked Bag Fee

First Lieutenant John Rader, a National Guard knight, was on his way house from the 21-month arrangement in Afghanistan when he leaped into a problem with Combined Airlines before boarding his trip.

Although he says he's flown for all military jobs which he's never had issues with airways before concerning his luggage, Usa billed him $200 for his military-released carrier. Based on the flight, it had been overweight to be eligible for a their free military luggage plan, but Rader claims he predicted more knowledge inside the condition.

Rader had initially been helping a-month arrangement, but offered to remain an additional year.

Rader had originally been serving a nine-month deployment, but volunteered to stay an extra year.

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While he quit Afghanistan and attempted boarding a journey from El Paso, Colorado, he was advised he often needed to spend the price or keep the case behind.

When he left Afghanistan and tried boarding a flight from El Paso, Texas, he was told that he either had to pay the fee or leave the bag behind.

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that which was in the carrier were goods he used on-duty, including a Kevlar jacket, two lids, and boots — that he required for his task.

What was inside the bag were items he wore on duty, including a Kevlar vest, two helmets, and boots -- all of which he needed for his job.

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to find out more with this history, browse the movie below.


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What you think? Must Rader have compensated the price, or if the flight transform their military luggage plan to become more taking for assistance users? Let’s realize under, and become confident to talk about together with your relatives and buddies to acquire their assumes the problem.

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