The Five Minute Face Lift Workout for Men Upper Cheeks Exercise

This workout firms the muscle tissue of the top cheeks to emphasize cheek bones plus lift the edges of the encounter. Section of the Five Moment Facelift Workout regarding Men at.

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  1. Hello Nada Shaibi. Thanks for your question. The key with cheek exercises is to isolate the upper cheek muscles. It’s very common with this exercise to also wrinkle the nose and encourage those lines from the nose to the mouth. Placing your hands in the right way to act as a guide can help.  Maybe stop the exercises for a while to let the unwanted wrinkles to diminish and then check where I put my hand. Keep you  lips sucked in while you do the exercise to help stop grimacing.

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    • Are there any other workouts for the face? It seems a lot are missing from youtube. Do you have any more? How many times a day/week should you do these exercises? Jack Lalanne had face workouts, but most got taken down. There are a few videos left

    • +Peasant WolfGang These are the only ones I use for the face and find them sufficient to cover all the major face muscle areas. You should perform them at least once a day or more for faster results. You can download the accompanying e-book on my site at menshealthfitnessgrooming dot com.

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  2. Hello Azouz. I would suggest not applying moisturizer immediately before a workout because your hands need to hold your skin in place. A moisturizer would make the skin too slippery. Wait until any cream or lotion has absorbed before performing the exercises.

  3. hy sir plz upload video for shorten the area between nose and lips…and for droopy upper lip mass plz


  5. hi simon is it too late to do it as 20 yr old ?im not saying that i wrinkles i do have lines on my forehead when i raise my eyebrows.Also i do have fine lines starting from the sides of my nose all the way to the corners of my mouth whenever i start to smile and i know it is natural to have that as seemingly everyone has it but i do want to have reduce it .I have a skinny face and that may have something do with the aforementioned are there yoga exercise which can puff up my cheeks and also get rid forehead lines and fine lines around the mouth?

    • Please refer to my other video for cheek firming exercises. It is never too late to start using these exercises and being 20 is a good time to prevent future problems. Use the forehead exercise for your forehead wrinkles. Your forehead will always naturally wrinkle when you raise your eyebrows but these should disappear when you lower them. If they do not, use the exercise. The mouth firming exercise may help with the lines from your nose to your mouth.

  6. can I doing this exercise to lying bed…?.. other exercise can defeat this exercise? if I do this face lift all exercise like upper chick..middle… eye lift mouth.. can make problem? pls reply simon

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