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The Last Airbender Full Movies

Avatar The final Airbender

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    • +MeatWorm It’s a fictional world!! The!!! creators!! Made!! The!! Water!! Tribes!! Brown!! We can deal with the fact that fictional people don’t follow our logic!!!

    • Smol Child Yes but this is not a cartoon. Otherwise if they really wanted to make them brown like in the cartoon they should have made Aangs tattoos blue but they didn’t it looks more realistic.

    • Smol Child This was not made for fans of the animated show only but for everyone. Other people don’t even know the nationalities or skin color of the cartoon. And that’s not the reason why it’s bad or not the only reason. TBH I also wanted them to be more like the cartoon but that’s cause I know the cartoon and it doesn’t feel right. But I don’t care that much about it.

    • Ashraf Muhammad people sent hours on this and u hate it?try to like things for life like make your own stupid movies 😀 that will be great

    • again this is the worst movie i have ever seen, the anime was way better than that, and i don’t give a fu*k about your fu*king opinion so you can save it for yourself 🙂

  1. The especial effects were cool yes, but there’s so many things wrong that I just can’t. 1. Where is the burn scar of Zukko? Where?!, 2. Why in the hell they were thinking when they put Katara and Sokka white?!, 3. Why the Fire nation are Indian people? it would’ve more credible if the Fire nation were Chinese people, 4. Appa’s feet is going to bring me nightmares, 5. I know that Aang is a kid, but in the movie he look like a baby toy that know how to walk and talk, and Katara, she isn’t so young in the cartoon series, 6. Uncle Iroh was that sir with zukko? seriously?, 7. The scar of Aang wasn’t a mandala people, 8. Why they put like six guys from Earth nation to move a rock whit like seventeen moves? In the original series they move one rock whit a move of the finger, 9. Why they put chinese or more like Taiwanese people to be Earth nation? Why?!, 10. Aang and Momo didn’t… omaigosh, they put wrong. Momo didn’t appear like that, 11. Katara doesn’t calm Aang by talking in his Avatar state, she touches his hand 12. Aang didn’t see his mentor in that place 13. Why is grandma so young?, 14. Where’s the fucking iceberg?, 15. Where’s the romance between Aang and Katara?, 16. Why the Air nation look like the Earth nation?, 17. Where’s the traumatic story about zuko and they family?, 18. Where’s the good flashbacks?, 19. The face and mouth of Appa look more bigger in the cartoon series, 20. The sound of the special effect were to loud, 21. In the first book was so much story than this movie represent, even one episode can make an entire movie. This movie is so bad. I always said that I never seen a bad movie, well… I can’t say it anymore.

    • Khalessi mistressit Am i the only one who is so dissapointed that they didnt filmed over the cartoonbooks(the promise/the search/the rift) but that they only filmed over the legend of Korra (fucking 80 years later :/)

    • Khalessi mistressit and ughh zuko’s hair isnt matching the serie 😂😩 in the serie he had like a ponytale thing and here in this movie he has zuko’s hair in the end of the series (doesnt reallyyy matter but details matter too)

  2. Sokka and Katara should be Asian like in the cartoon! This movie is so cringeworthy with the bad acting. What was wrong with the casting director?

  3. i watched this movie when i was 9 and it blew my mind before i knew it could be blown….but i do hate the fact that they didn’t do the same thing in the cartoon but…either way it was a good movie…

  4. This was just a horrible movie.. it is so funny how 1 they miss pronounce all the names and 2 they do a billion movements for one small thing to move

    • Knoxx King The movie is made faster so the voice sounds different. They made the video faster to avoid the copyrights.

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